Thursday, June 6, 2013

Veronica Mars

Okay. I have the most late reaction. Veronica Mars first aired in 2004 and now I wonder why I didn't watch it before?! Well, maybe if I did watch it before I would have been crazy over Veronica and Logan's love story. Wait, wait, I am crazy over them now. Crazy means I'm too disappointed that they weren't able to get picked up for Season 4 and the love story of Veronica and Logan wasn't concluded. But I am too happy to know that they will have a Veronica Mars movie. Hey, the fans deserve it! Can I just say that I adore Kristen Bell!!! She's cute and pretty and extremely talented!! She has the most amazing voice ever! I'm officially a huge fan of Kristen Bell. :)

Season 1 Poster
Season 2 Poster
Season 3 Poster
Don't they look adorable together??
She's the prettiest!!!
Aahh! Can't wait!!
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I adore Kristen Bell so much that I Youtube-d her interviews and the movie kick starter campaign! She's so funny and I just love her voice!!

I also love this video of hers singing Let it Snow with 2 other girls.

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