Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Alicia + Will

I am not a fan of extra marital affairs. I think it sucks and so as divorce and annulment. I will never understand why some couple get married and end up separating. BUT the characters of Julianna Margulies and Josh Charles in The Good Wife as Alicia Florrick and Will Gardner, both lawyers, are just adorable. They like each other but they can't be together because Alicia is married and have kids YET they look good together, they compliment each other and maybe in such situation in real life, if Alicia isn't married, she would have chosen to be with Will because it's what makes her happy. But then again, in real life, it's way too complicated because there are too many people involved and will get hurt. It's like a right love at a wrong time. They are both being unfaithful but still, I love them! I'm a fan. I wonder why I didn't start watching it when it first aired in 2009. It was only my cousin who suggested that I watch it and now, I'm hooked. I'm currently on Season 4 and can't wait for Season 5.

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