Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?

I watched this movie alone. Bored?! A little. But I wanted to laugh. The trailer seemed funny and light. And it really is. The film is funny, light with a mixture of drama and romance. It will make you laugh and get 'kilig' at the same time. Kim Chiu has evolved into a versatile actress. She has proven in this movie that not only she can do drama but comedy as well. Her character fits her well. Her long messy curly hair looks good on her. :) I laugh just by looking at her as Sandy Veloso. Xiam Lim has also improved. He showcased his talent in music. He played piano and guitar. He also sang. Bb. Joyce Bernal - the director - did it again!! She really makes one feel good movie. This kind of film is her forte. Lastly, Star Cinema has a good eye on good story, well written script and really good actors. The cast were well - chosen. I recommend this movie to those who just want to laugh and fall in love all over again. I have one MAJOR realization after watching this movie - I NEED TO HAVE MY HAIR TREATED. My hair isn't as messy as Sandy's but it's MESSY enough to scare my mother when I face her with my oh-so-bruha hair. Hahahahaha! Oh, and I need to lose weight!!! Kim Chiu is so slim that it's crazy!!! I wonder what's her diet and how much time she spends on work out. I almost forgot to say that the appearance of Ramon Bautista - the author of the novel where the movie was based - made it even funnier. He has the potential to be a comedienne! ;p So boys and girls,  go catch this movie and get out of the movie house happy. :)

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