Thursday, October 24, 2013

Windows 8.1

After about 10 hours, my laptop is finally upgrade to Windows 8.1. (Disclaimer: number of hours may vary depending on the internet connection. Some may work faster.) The upgrade is available at the Windows Store for free. Before I clicked the download button, I read reviews first to make sure that I will know what to do if ever I encounter problems in downloading and installation. It is a good thing I didn't have any problems except that it took long hours to download.

Here are some (new things) I've noticed compared to Windows 8:

1. The touch screen is more responsive.
2. There's finally a Facebook for Windows. I like it because I am so lazy to log in so if I want to check on Facebook, I just use my BlackBerry but now that there's an application on Windows, I won't be needing the browser anymore.
3. In Windows 8, I can open 2 applications at the same time but the other one occupies 25% of the screen while the other occupies 75%. In Windows 8.1, I can use 2 applications at the same time and it will occupy the screen 50 - 50. It will be easier to type while watching a movie.
4. I can arrange the live tiles into smaller size. It will make the screen look neat and organized.

I am now very much contented with Windows 8.1 but if Microsoft will come up with much improved applications, I will be one very happy Windows user. :)

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