Wednesday, June 10, 2015

He wanted a Globe Subscriber

If you have read my previous blog, you would know that I am on Tinder. I haven't had any real conversation with those men I matched with, just hi and hello or where am I from. Just simple exchange of questions. I've had several matches but only few left a message. I tried once to leave a message to someone but he didn't reply. Oh well, it was harmless.

Maybe you are wondering what is it with my blog title. Well, it's my Tinder experience. What I meant with Globe is the mobile telecom in my country. So I swiped right when I saw this picture of a half naked body who only showed half of his face too. He looked cute. And hot. He got really nice body. I rarely get attracted to men with muscles. For some reason, I like chubby men. Then we matched. He immediately left a message asking if I am single and if I happen to be, he wanted my mobile number.

I consulted a friend about giving away my number. I was hesitant although it will be harmless. Finally, I decided to give my number. I mean, it could be interesting to converse with him. I gave my smart (another mobile telecom) number. I have Globe number but it's what I am using everyday so I chose not to give it. My smart is my secondary number. And he was like:

Guy: Wala ba globe or TM? (Don't you have a globe or touch mobile number?)

Me: Just smart

Guess what happened next??!!!!!!!

The poor guy unmatched me! Hahahahaha So hilarious! He preferred a Globe subscriber! He could have included that qualification in his bio!

The guy may have also posted a fake photo. I knew it was too good to be true. I mean, he only had 2 photos and the other one was a quote of Mark Twain.

I hope he finds a Globe subscriber that he could talk to.

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