Thursday, May 28, 2015

I am on Tinder

First, don't judge me.

Second, I am not on Tinder for hook-ups. That's just not me. I am actually hoping to meet a real person if that's even possible.

Lastly, it was funny on how I started using it. I was so dumb.

So I found out I could download and install Tinder on my laptop. I didn't know how it works. What I did know is that if I swipe on the left, it means I do not like the picture or the person and if I swipe right means otherwise. Then one day when I checked it, too many men appeared on the right side of the screen and some left message like, "Hi, Hello, How are you?, Where are you from?". I ignored all of it. I had no idea how did they appear on my screen. But I continued using it swiping left mostly and several pictures went to the right. Then there was one student who insisted that I use Tinder and I told him I have the application installed in my laptop. He explained to me how those pictures appeared on my screen. I may have swiped those to the right accidentally. I also found out that if I delete my account and signed in again, it's like a fresh account. That's what I did. New account. New swiping to the left or right.

For the record, I have never met anyone in person. I have swiped some to the right and had few matches but we never talked until couple of days ago. I think I may have started using it since January of this year. And the one I'm talking to right now, we don't really have long conversation, it's just exchanging questions about ourselves (no personal information). That's all.

It can be actually fun swiping pictures to the left or right. Although sometimes, I get sleepy. It's mostly useful when I'm bored. I browse pictures and read their descriptions of themselves. Oh, and I even saw some people I know way back college. I don't know if I can meet a real person through this application but I hope I will. It will be nice to meet new people.

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