Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Rants!

What a day! Bad weather + work + inconsiderate people = Aaaarrrghhhh!!!

1. I dislike the bad weather today. Not only it is too hard to commute when it's raining but I hate the floods that it may cause. I live in an area where floods is very rampant. I work quite far from where I reside so it's hard to commute when it rains. But what can I do? It's rainy season.

2. I don't always complain with my work. My current work is very light compared to what I have been doing when I was in a fast food restaurants. BUT there are days when I just want to complain because I have to do some things that should be done by other people. For example, there are lecturers who doesn't log their time in and out. There were times that I have to follow them just so they could sign their attendance sheets. I know they're busy people and my job is to take note of their attendance but is it too much to ask them to at least drop by my area before they enter their classrooms and leave the school??!! Is it too difficult to write the time they arrive and left? I was doing their payroll this morning and there are some I couldn't encode yet because I have to verify first their attendance with the security guards.

3. Today I've encountered with inconsiderate people. They are unbelievable! If I were them, I wouldn't risk the safety of other people.

4. So I always take jeep going to work and back home. My goodness gracious. I have never been to a jeep with a driver that is as careful as my father when he drives. They shouldn't be on the road risking passengers' lives. All of them violate traffic regulations and they suck in driving.

5. And the lamest of all my complains for this day -- I didn't see him because classes were suspended. Boo!!

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Fickle Cattle said...

Number 5 was cute. I remember having school crushes too. They made waking up in the morning that much easier.

Fickle Cattle