Thursday, December 8, 2011

Letter to myself

Dear Kae,

You were in love with the same man for the last 8 years. Your heart has been broken ever since he left. You didn't stop crying, hoping, praying and waiting for the last 7 years only to get hurt over and over again. I wanted you fall in love again as if it's the first time and now that you did, I am sorry. I am sorry because you are about to get hurt again. You could have fallen in love with someone who feels the same way for you and not with someone who will never even look at you. I am sorry because I've always wanted you to be happy with the man you truly love but sometimes, life gets too unfair, things don't happen the way you want it to be. I am sorry you are in love with him. It should be a reason to be happy but for some reasons, you don't feel that way.

Please be patient. Please know that one day, you will have the love story you've always imagined to have and you'll meet this one person you are going to be with for the rest of your life. Just be strong. God will never leave you alone and sad.

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Nowhere Man said...

Falling in love is never easy, but I think eventually you will find what you are looking for. From what I can see you are very beautiful person and you deserve to be with the one that does nothing but make you happy. I'm not a deeply religious person but I do believe in karma. Good things happen to good people. You have many blessings to come in your life because your heart and soul are one of the best.