Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Date

Since it's Valentine's Day today, it wouldn't be so bad to tell a short story on my very first Valentine's date. I never went out on a Valentine's date for the last 7 years but I am glad on my first date, I was with this special man and that day is one of the most important events in my life.

The date I am talking about took place last February 14 and 15 of 2003. Yeah, that was a very long time ago. The date wasn't planned at first. I was supposed to spend that day with 3 more people but the 2 backed out. So it's just the two of us. We thought that February 14 is not actually the best time to go out since there will be lots of people. Instead, we had dinner at McDonald's near our school. Yes, it was a McDonald's date. This quite explain why McDonald's has a special spot in my heart. It was the simplest but best dinner I ever had at McDonald's. Little did I know that tomorrow's date was something extra special. We had dinner again and watched movie. That night on February 15, 2003 is the night I realized that I want to be with this guy. And it did happen. We fell in love and we were happy then.

I will forever cherish all my memories with him. We may not be together anymore but our love story is one of the most beautiful things ever happened to me. He was a gift and so our story. It may have ended already but through him and our relationship I have proven that true love exists.

I may not be in love with a guy and I may be single for the longest time but my heart is full of love for my family and friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Care to share your best Valentine's date?

Dear Crush,

You are such a nice person that is why I liked you. There were days you look cute. At least, for me. But I can't stand the side of you that doesn't value someone's work, time and effort. This may sound judgmental but it's the way I see it. And this ends my whole crush thing to you. :)

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