Friday, June 22, 2012


I had my first ever application for US Visa and yesterday was my interview. I was denied! I was so disappointed. I was hoping it would be approved because more than anything that I could see their, I wanna see my sister and her 4 month old baby girl. It's the least I can do for her. But the American consul was very judgmental. I perfectly understood that I am a 26 year old lady and single who can be tempted to stay permanently their BUT I never thought of it. I would just like to visit the country and see some places I've seen on TV. It was a childhood dream to go to Disneyland. It  the happiest place on Earth. My love for the tv series CHARMED made me wanted to see the manor used in these set. But the consul thought that I didn't establish enough my intention to stay in their country temporarily. I wanted to tell him that he was wrong but I got worried that I might be banned at the US Embassy. But really, I wanna tell him "Hey, I have enough reasons to come back. I have my life here. My friends are here. I have a huge family to come back to. Philippines is home no matter what".

Better luck next time though. I shall apply again, Oh, and I think when they deny US Visa application, they should refund even at least the half of the fee. It's freaking 7, 040 pesos and it's all gone in just a matter of minutes.


My plans, once again, are shattered. I didn't come to work today. I self - proclaimed a long weekend for me, I have to think and think and think over and over again what exactly I want to do. My life is such a mess. Plans keep on changing and it's not even under my control. I am being tested every single day. I feel like life is waiting for me to just break down and give up. I need more strength, hope, faith and patience.

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