Friday, July 6, 2012

I have the cutest nieces!

I totally love kids that is why I am such a happy tita/aunt. I have the cutest nieces that I totally adore! :)

Meet the new generation of Soyangco.

4 month old Adrianna and 1 year old Zoe

Baby A and Z (we fondly call them by their initials) are crying babies

Equally beautiful sisters Zoe and Haley. Both are daughters of my cousin Kuya Irvin and his wife, Ate Mac.

Sleepy head. Addy is so cute when she's asleep. She is the daughter of my sister.

The newest addition to my uber cute nieces: Liz Gabrielle aka baby porkchop. She's a daughter of my cousin.

Big (BIG in terms of age and size) sister! Bella is the daughter of my brother.

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