Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I over reacted. Yeah, I have the tendency for that.

I have been quite harsh to him and said awful things but am not sorry for it because he really was a jerk for asking me out and not showing up. I just realized that I don't even have the smallest right to feel bad that he doesn't have time for me. First, I am not the reason he went home for a vacation. Second, we're just friends. And not even the best friends type. Just friends. Third, he has very busy schedule and limited number of days here. Lastly, he only has 2 days left and I think he should spend it with family and do more important things.

God is really good for making me realize such things. He really do wonders especially when I need it the most. Maybe He thought I've been badly hurt and over thinking things. Thank you so much, Lord. You guide me to the right path. You don't let me dwell on bad emotions. Thank you. Thank you so much.

It is much easier to move on when total acceptance is there. I always knew that things weren't meant to be. I just want it to be. And it's not so the best thing to do is to accept it.

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