Wednesday, January 9, 2013

After January 12

I know that the last couple blog entries are too boring because I've been ranting about my heartaches and disappointments over a certain guy. This blog site is a personal one and it has been my outlet for the last 3 years so please, please bear with me (if there's anyone who actually reads this). I've given myself to feel terrible about the things that have happened until January 12. On that day, he flies out to Canada and I don't know if we'll ever see each other again. I guess 3 more days of thinking, wondering and asking are not so bad for someone like me who will deal in fixing my broken heart for the next couple of weeks. Yeah, I have quite a hard time mending a broken heart. I'm positive though that this one won't be so difficult compared to my past heartaches.

If ever you get to read more of my rants, sorry. But it's one of the ways to vent out what I feel. Sometimes, it's easier to just write down your thoughts that to talk to people about it because they have different opinions.

After January 12, I promise to write more sensible and interesting blog entries.

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