Sunday, January 6, 2013

McDonald's and my crazy lovelife

You may all be wondering why McDonald's has something to do with my crazy love life. Well, let me share to you why.

February 14, 2003 - Otep and I had our very first Valentine's date at McDonald's Gov. Forbes branch. If I am not mistaken, he ordered a Bigmac and mine was a Cheese burger! Nothing fancy but a cute date, don't you think? I still smile whenever I look back at those memories.

July 2008 - I met this one guy at work in McDonald's Balanga branch that after 4 years, I'd fell in love with. (Oh, I said it!!! Yeah, yeah, am in love. boo!!!) Imagine this - you set your eyes on him for the very first time, you felt connection, you wanted to get to know him and it all started there. Fast forward to 2012, he came back and so as the feeling I had when we met. Oh my, so corny!!! But hey, that's exactly how I felt.

Two different stories. Two different persons. Two crazy love stories. Otep was my boyfriend for almost 2 years. And he is my one great love. The other one is a friend. Otep and I had a beautiful story. The most recent one is just my story because the feeling isn't mutual.

I look back on how I've met them and I smile. They are good memories. :)

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