Sunday, January 6, 2013

Okay, I'm done!

Whew! I just sent him my last message full of hatred. I'm sorry but am furious! I hate him for being such an a$s. I should have known him better!!!

I said some awful words but he has to realize that what he did is just so wrong. I hope he realizes it. I am so done with him. He doesn't deserve my friendship, love, time and effort. He doesn't deserve any of it. And I certainly don't deserve to be treated that way. I was a good friend as far as I am concern. Clearly, he's only talking to me because he's bored. Why am I always a victim of someone else's boredom??!!!! Ugh.

I told him to get the hell out of my life. It's about time. I let him come into my life three times already. He just chose to broke my heart. I don't need someone who doesn't respect a woman, values friendship and keep his word.

I am so done with him. I have lived my life for the last 4 years without him and sure, I could live my life even better without him.

Good luck to him though. I hope he finds someone who can stand whoever he is. I'm usually patient but with the kind of person that he is, I'd rather lose him forever.

Thank you Lord for making me realize so many things. I could not have done it without You. Thank you.

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