Monday, September 9, 2013

Crochet Bow Hair Ties

This one is very easy to do. I made couple of crochet bows and attached hair ties at the back. And tadaaah!! I have cute hair accessories that kids will surely love! Oh, and it's very cheap. I bought the hair ties in Tutuban (if you're from the Philippines, you sure know this place because it has everything you need) at a very low price and I got like more than 50 pieces in one plastic. The crochet yarn is also very easy to do. One of these days, I'll blog how to make a bow although there are so many tutorials over the internet on how to do one. I only learn from searching the web. There are lots of people who generously share their talents and skills.

Try to make this one. This is a nice present to your family and friends especially to kids.

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