Monday, December 2, 2013

Dream come true!

I love, love Twitter. I am a certified Twitter-er. Not only it makes communication a lot easier but it brings me closer to my favorite celebrities. I have been a huge fan of Tweetie de Leon - Gonzalez since I was in elementary. Who would have thought that I'd get to send her a message and she'd reply?!!! How awesome was that!! Twitter made it all possible. Just last November, I messaged her because I'd like to send her a crochet bag that I made for her. And guess what?!!!! She allowed me to send it to her!! She's super nice! As Bianca Gonzalez would say it, Tweetie is her life peg. She is my life peg too. Actually, both of them are my life pegs. Tweetie de Leon is a wife, mother, model, endorser, entrepreneur and designer rolled into one. And she's so beautiful, fit, healthy and just gorgeous! When I turn the same age as she is now, I wanna be like her. I wanna be as accomplished as her. Now my next goal is to meet her in person. Sure, I'd be so star strucked when I see her. Oh, and to own something from her store TDLG (located at ATC). She makes really beautiful accessories, bags, clutches and apparels.

The crochet bag I made for Ms. Tweetie de Leon

Her reply when I message her that I'd like to send her a bag

Look! She calls me her twiiter friend. :) I am so kilig!

Her reply when I told her that I was so happy that she finally got the bag.

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