Monday, April 6, 2015


I never knew Rachel Bilson until I watched her TV series Hart of Dixie. I thought she was cute. I immediately loved the TV series because its story is very light. Sometimes, it made me cry. Most of the time, I just smiled and laughed as I watched it. For four years, I would look forward for a new episode. It was my guilty pleasure. Rachel Bilson may seem not so effective as the town doctor, Zoe Hart, but she was awesome. She was funny! And a great actress! Let's not forget Jaime King as Lemon Breeland. She's beautiful, gorgeous and made me love and hate Lemon at the same time. Haha! She was a bit irritating but still, lovable.

Just few weeks ago, it was cancelled by CW Network. It made me so sad! How could they cancel such a good show?! Not only did they cancel at season 4, it only had 10 episodes. Yes, 10 episodes! I mean, the fans deserve a full series, at least 22 episodes. We would have loved to see Zoe Hart as a doctor, wife and mother.

I cried a lot as I watched the finale episode. It was full of emotions. Zoe Hart has finally found her home. Oh, and can I just applaud the musical scene! It was so cool watching the actors sing and dance! It was perfect for the story and its characters.

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