Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On lighter note...

I first saw her in the hit 90's tv show OKAY KA FAIRY KO! I religiously watched the series. And since then, I've been the biggest fan! I always say that she's the only woman who can pull up the shortest hair. And even at 40s, she still look so young, beautiful, gorgeous, and elegant. Any style of clothes would fit her. She has maintained such a beautiful and healthy body after all these years. I totally admire her.

I know you know who am I talking about. One of the most beautiful Filipina model and celebrity, my ever idol when it comes to modelling, the one and only....


She made me so happy despite of family problems by replying to my tweet. I was soooohhh kilig when I saw her name on my twitter! Imagine the person you've always admired has message for you as well. Aaaahhh! I was really happy. I couldn't believe she replied.

 One day, I am going to meet her in person and am gonna have my life long dream to have a picture with her.

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